RIG gets cool surprise in the mail

RIG’s staff was delighted to receive a surprise in the mail yesterday. Thank you first graders of Kaakamo elementary school for the wonderful pictures! We hope the moments spent studying the traffic safety workbooks are both learning and fun!



Safety was the key criteria in selecting Lapland support initiatives

Aurora and RIG have chosen their Lapland region support initiatives for 2015. This year’s initiatives all relate to our key value and strategic focus area: Safety.

Rescue helicopter Aslak  extinguishes, searches, rescues and gives first aid at times of emergency in all of the sparsely populated Lapland. The foundation Lapin Pelastushelikopterin Tuki is responsible for the funding and the goal of its fundraising activities is to secure rescue helicopter services for all inhabitants and visitors of Lapland.

“For RIG of course timely availability to first aid can be critical, in the unlikely event our equipment fail and cause harm despite of our preventive maintenance and other precautionary activities. However, help can be equally critical and important also if one gets lost while enjoying the beautiful forests of Lapland or gets injured in the ski slopes. Perhaps everyone can stop and think for a minute what Aslak might mean to you and if you could do something to help secure its operations in the future”, encourage RIG’s Jukka Kuula and Aurora’s Tony Lindroos.

Our other support initiative relates to the enhancement of safety in RIG’s local environment and the prevention of traffic related accidents. Kouluinfo Oy  supplies educational material for schools promoting traffic safety and by doing so tries to impact the unpleasant traffic statistics that small children are part of.

“There is much traffic in the heavy industry and we wanted to be part of the preventive actions enhancing traffic safety of school children by donating traffic safety workbooks to first graders in Tornio”, says RIG’s CEO Jukka Kuula. Workbooks were delivered to the schools of Kokkokangas, Seminaari, Kaakamo and Karungi.


KED is recruiting a Procurement Manager

KED is recruiting a Procurement Manager to Kilpilahti. Key responsibilities include the procurement and purchasing follow-up of KED’s extensive investment program together with our selected engineering partners. Please contact Esa Merikallio, KED CEO for more information. Please find attached our job post in Finnish.


Grid committee visits Kilpilahti

The grid committee visited Kilpilahti September 22, 2015 as KED’s guest. The Grid Committee serves as a co-operation body in grid development between Fingrid and its customers.

The agenda is often on current topics such as transmission network design, construction, metering and topics covering transmission grid connections.


The grid committee is made up of:

Kari Kuusela, Fingrid Oyj (chairman), Petri Parviainen, Fingrid Oyj, Meri Viikari, Fingrid Oyj (secretary), Jorma Heikkilä, Metsä-Fibre Oy, Matti Ryhänen, Savon Voima Verkko Oy , Jyrki Havukainen,  KED Oy, Henrik Suomi, Caruna Oy, Jaakko Tuomisto, Teollisuuden Voima Oyj, Seppo Tupeli, Herrfors Nät-Verkko Oy Ab, Risto Lappi, Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot Oy, Arto Nikkanen, LE-Sähköverkot Oy

In Kilpilahti the committee familiarised itself with the industrial area and the special characteristics of its electricity distribution. Amongst other things the committee was introduced to KED’s onsite electricity distribution operations and Neste’s production line 4.

The hosts of the visit were KED Oy’s Jyrki Havukainen and the Neste’s Timo Pietiäinen.

Read more about the committee on Fingrid’s website.


Aurora’s website launched

Following the creation of the Aurora platform through merging KED Oy and RIG Oy, Aurora launches its official website.

On the website one can find the latest news and developments about Aurora and its owner InfraVia Capital Partners, as well as information about the group and its operating companies.

“We are excited to have completed the common branding for the group and can now also communicate to the outside about our combined efforts striving for quality and efficiency improvements as well as about Aurora’s growth aspirations”, says Aurora group CEO Tony Lindroos.