High quality operations is key to Aurora’s success and in our business high quality starts with safety and reliable electricity distribution. Aurora’s experienced and skilled personnel, our well maintained and invested asset base, our internal procedures and ways of work as well as site specific guidelines and rules are the essential building blocks that ensure high quality and safe operations.

The most important of Aurora’s values “Safety first – gets us home safe today and everyday” does put the issue in the context it deserves. But not only do we require this mindset from our own personnel, we also expect it each day from our subcontractors and we ensure Aurora’s visitors are aware of its importance too.

Following safety, of course ensuring high security of supply is what Aurora’s industrial partners expect from us. In the environments we operate, this means striving for no interruptions at all times and if one occurs, limiting the downtime. This requires a lot from our personnel, equipment and systems. Therefore we focus much on electricity network design, training, preventive maintenance as well as quick response to failures. Sometimes this means around the clock work, but our personnel have proven they take situations like this seriously and with pride. We can proudly say we operate if not the most, some of the most reliable electricity networks in the country!