Aurora Kilpilahti Oy, a subsidiary of Aurora Infrastructure, has acquired Oy AGA Ab’s electricity distribution network in Porvoo Kilpilahti. The acquisition strengthens Aurora’s position as the industry’s leading electricity network partner.

According to Martin Nyberg, AGA’s production manager, the aim is to improve competitiveness by releasing capital tied to the network and utilizing Aurora’s know-how for further network development.

– The sale of the electricity distribution network improves our competitiveness. We can focus on our core business when our trusted partner, Aurora, is responsible for the electricity infrastructure development and distribution within the AGA factory area, “Nyberg says.

AGA has been Aurora’s customer in Kilpilahti also before the deal. Aurora’s CEO Tony Lindroos is pleased that cooperation is deepening.

– AGA is an important partner for us. Reliable electricity networks are essential for industrial customers and we have been able to prove that we are front-runners in the field. We aim to continue growth in Finland and the Nordic countries. As a partner, we want to ensure that our customers have a reliable electricity network that serves their needs and does not cause any worries, Lindroos says.

Aurora’s customer portfolio includes the Neste refinery complex in Kilpilahti, Porvoo and the Outokumpu industrial area in Röyttä, Tornio.

For more information, please contact

Mr. Tony Lindroos
CEO, Aurora Infrastructure Ltd
+358 40 658 7474



We are now ”one” Aurora! Names and logos will change in Tornio and Kilpilahti as we want you and our other stakeholders to recognize us all under the same name – Aurora. Daily operations in Tornio and Kilpilahti will continue, as in the past, with the support from Aurora group head office in Espoo. RIG Oy’s official name becomes Aurora Tornio Oy and KED Oy’s official name Aurora Kilpilahti Oy. In addition, our email addresses changes to firstname.lastname@aurorainfra.com.

We believe that the name changes best serve our customers and our strategy. In the future we will develop our operations further in closer co-operation than before, ensuring transfer of know-how and best practices across the entire Aurora group.

For more information please contact
Tony Lindroos
Group CEO
+358 40 658 7474


Aurora Kilpilahti (KED Oy) is looking for a Development Manager

The Position as Development Manager at Aurora Kilpilahti has been filled. Aurora would like to thank all applicants in their interest in working with us.



a1Safety first – “gets us home safe today and everyday” is a key value of Aurora. Aurora has therefore been supportive of projects related to promoting and improving safety, particularly in its local operating environment.

In Tornio, RIG has provided traffic safety workbooks to local first-grade students.The workbook can be used throughout primary school, i.e. grades 1-6. “With the help of the workbook, traffic signs and rules are taught to the children in a fun and educational way. We delivered about 130 workbooks, “says Jukka Kuula, CEO of RIG.

RIG has also, since 2015, supported the private funded rescue helicopter Aslak, operating in Northern Finland.


KED has, in 2016, also decided to support children’s traffic safety. As the Kilpilahti area has a lot of heavy traffic, KED wanted to give the pupils of Kulloo educational center (grades 1-6) a flashing safety reflector. “The safety reflector is a cheap life insurance,” says KED’s executive assistant Petra Kraufvelin-Bergman. “As a parent, I feel it’s important to make sure your child has a safe journey to school, especially during our dark winter months. I am very proud of my employer for proactively supporting this initiative.”


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