About us

Aurora, or Aurora Infrastructure Oy, is an infrastructure platform investing in strategic electricity distribution networks in the Nordics. The platform is owned by funds managed by InfraVia, Access Capital Partners and Pantheon.

Aurora’s current portfolio includes the Tornio network serving Outokumpu’s ferrochrome and stainless steel plant as well as the Kilpilahti network in Porvoo serving the largest Nordic chemical concentration located there. Large customers in Kilpilahti include Neste, Borealis and Aga.

Aurora’s electricity networks are amongst the most reliable electricity networks in the country, as is required by the complex and sensitive processes of its industrial partners. The high quality operations on the ground and the financing know-how of the group have transformed Aurora into a reputable and essential Nordic infrastructure company since its start in 2013. Aurora is a front runner in industrial on-site electricity distribution.

Aurora is based in Espoo, Tornio and Kilpilahti and operates as a stand alone platform. Aurora’s electricity networks employ in total approximately 20 people in addition to a vast network of subcontractors.