About us

Aurora Infrastructure specializes in owning and operating critical electricity networks for which extreme reliability is a prerequisite.
Six per cent of all electricity consumed in Finland flows through our networks. Our clients include Neste’s Kilpilahti industrial area and Outokumpu’s Tornio site, both in Finland.

Electricity network reliability is of crucial importance for industry and for the infrastructure of society, due to the substantial financial losses, safety risks and environmental burden caused by electricity outages. Aurora’s unique partnership model for electricity networks enhances competitive advantage not only for industrial companies, but also for wind power operators, airfields, data centres and other owners of infrastructure that require high network reliability.

Aurora offers a unique, transparent partnership model for enhancing competitiveness and sustainability – network reliability of up to 99.9999 per cent has been achieved. Our staff has the leading expertise to take responsibility for operating, maintaining and developing the network and investments into it over the long term — of course, in close collaboration with client needs. The client thus avoids all surprises and stress otherwise related to a non-core, self-owned and self-operated network.

Partnering with Aurora enables the client to free substantial capital tied up in the network for more productive use in its core business. Aurora’s model is long term and preventive by nature, and its asset management efficiency is several times higher than the industry average. The potential for capital efficiency within the industry is huge: In Finland alone, the largest industrial companies have hundreds of millions of euros of non-productive capital tied up in electricity networks.
In addition, the investment debt related to many of these self-owned networks is growing and can cause risks to production processes in the future. Aurora aims to grow in Finland and in other Nordic countries. Leveraging Aurora’s best practices enhances sustainability and the competitiveness of the Nordic industry as a whole.

At Aurora, we believe that responsibility for owning, maintaining and developing critical electricity networks is best left to a dedicated partner specialized in utilizing experiences and insights from different industries in order to cost-efficiently reach maximum network reliability. From the perspective of business owners, the question is whether it makes sense for a company to own and tie up capital in a non-core and non-productive asset when top-class niche expertise is available from a specialized partner that is also able to operate the asset more efficiently.

To secure the required network reliability and expansion investments, Aurora relies on its owners, InfraVia’s, Access Capital Partners’ and Pantheon’s funds. Aurora is headquartered in Espoo, Finland.

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