Aurora’s responsibility requirements for suppliers

Code of Conduct

The supplier shall comply with all laws and regulations in its operations.

Business Conduct

  • The supplier has zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption.
  • The supplier has zero tolerance towards money laundering and the supplier does not cooperate with companies on the trade sanctions list
  • The supplier shall compete in a fair manner and does not allow any forbidden cooperation with its competitors
  • The supplier shall avoid any situations where a conflict of interest exists
  • The supplier shall not forward any confidential information and shall handle personal data with due care

Human and labour rights

  • The supplier shall not use any forced labour
  • The supplier shall not use any child labour
  • The supplier shall treat its employees equally and not allow any harassment
  • The supplier’s employees have right to organize freely and have freedom of collective bargaining
  • The supplier follows applicable laws and regulations regarding working hours, minimum wages, and other working conditions
  • The supplier confirms that all its employees have written contract prior to commitment to work

Occupational health and safety

  • The supplier complies with occupational health and safety legislation and regulations as well as industry site specific regulations of Aurora’s customers
  • The supplier ensures that employees have working conditions in accordance with regulations

Environmental impact and climate change

  • The supplier shall comply with environmental law
  • The supplier monitors waste and emissions generated from its operations, and treats them appropriately, and has procedures to minimize them
  • The supplier considers the climate impact of its operations and has procedures to minimize them


The Supplier shall report any non-compliance with this Code of Conduct in its own or contractors’ operations to:

Aurora Infrastructure Oy, Vuoritontuntie 22, 02200 Espoo, FINLAND /

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