Everyday sustainability is a mindset

At Aurora, sustainability policies and principles are integrated into daily instructions and way of work

We monitor a variety of sustainability KPIs. For Aurora the most important indicators are related to our personnel, safety, network availability and the carbon footprint of our operations. For more information, read our latest Sustainability Report.

In addition to our sustainability KPIs, the below principles guide our daily work.

Sustainability and ethical principles integrated to the Personnel policy

Main principles

Honest and ethical business is the basis of our operations

We want to be a safe, healthy and well-being work community

We comply with laws and regulations and respect the privacy and fundamental rights of our employees

Business decisions based on company, not personal interest

We take care of our company’s assets and resources and use them to promote our business goals

We do not accept or give gifts beyond reasonable hospitality or customary employment benefits

We aim to prevent and reduce the negative effects of our operations on the environment

Our communication is open, objective and sustainable

Principles for ensuring equality integrated to the Personnel Policy

Main principles

We are committed to fair and equal treatment of our staff and partners irrespective of backgrounds, gender or age

We treat each other and our partners with respect, and we do not accept inappropriate behavior or treatment

We promote family friendly work arrangements

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