Aurora as a partner

As an electricity network partner, Aurora supports its customers on their paths towards an increasingly electrified fossil free production. Check out what cooperation with Aurora means.

It is smart to choose Aurora

The industry requires significant electricity grid investments and even more reliable electricity distribution the more its processes are being electrified. Partnership with Aurora is smart because:

  • Aurora acts as its customers’ electricity network infrastructure expert in network renewal and expansion needs
  • Aurora projects and finances electrical grid renewals and even large-scale new projects in cooperation with its network of suppliers
  • Aurora takes responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the electricity network, producing top-class availability in line with customer criteria
  • Aurora identifies future life cycle renewals as well as availability risks caused by the aging of network components
  • Aurora’s customer contracts are truly bilateral, predictable and transparent long-term partnership contracts. The regulatory model of public distribution networks does not control the service fee, and for example the value of the network is based on actual purchase prices instead of regulated unit prices.
  • Aurora’s customers gain access to solid expertise in electricity distribution, and as a result, free up financial and human resources for developing their core business

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A partnership supporting many needs

We want to ensure that Aurora’s electricity network partnership always meets customer-specific needs. This is why our partnership model is always tailor made on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the customer’s current and future needs.

Investment planning
Enhancing competitiveness
Security of supply

Aurora’s strengths

1. Aurora’s personnel has broad technical and financial expertise of electricity networks from different industries.

2. We are able to convert customer needs to cost effective network structure and operations.

3. We constantly develop our own processes to bring more value to our customers in terms of transparency of the network structure, investment plans and its operations.

4. We are independent from specific equipment manufacturers. In our view this is important when taking into account the ability to respond to customer needs in a cost effective way and guaranteeing the needed network availability, cyber security and process efficiency.

5. We bring in international infrastructure funding to support our customer’s operations at sites and ensure sufficient network development.

Case: Outokumpu

Integral role in supporting operations of Outokumpu

The Outokumpu – Aurora network partnership dates back to 2013 when Outokumpu decided to transfer the industrial network serving its integrated stainless steel and ferrochrome production facility in Tornio, Finland to Aurora. Outokumpu ensured that its network is well maintained, and strengthened the expertise required to run network operations in a demanding industrial environment, while freeing capital for other business purposes.

Outokumpu Energy Director Mika Orpana says:

“Outokumpu has been pleased with the performance and commitment of Aurora as its network partner over the past eight years. Aurora is very transparent when engaging with us on the current state of the network and is proactively presenting and driving initiatives Outokumpu could benefit from. Availability and reliability are key requirements for our production facilities and we expect both high level of collaboration and performance from our partners. When it comes to network operations Aurora has proven its value to us and we look forward to continued high performance and development of the network in upcoming years.”

Example of ongoing network development:

Aurora is currently upgrading Tornio site 110kV electricity distribution by constructing a new gas insulated switchgear to which also some of the 110kV incoming connection lines serving the site will be re-routed. Additionally, a new control room and service building is being built to improve both monitoring and service capabilities. As a result of the investment Outokumpu will secure a reliable incoming electrical supply infrastructure for the next years, and serviceability of high voltage equipment during normal operations will be enhanced.

For the project Aurora is teaming up with Siemens and TSV Rakennus as well as utilizing its cross-site resources, in addition to the local Aurora Tornio team. “Not only during a pandemic is it important to have sufficient resources secured, but it is also from a continuity perspective important that there is specialized know-how readily and flexibly available when needed. We expect no less from ourselves than to continue to meet our customers’ expectations and proactively develop our operations and service further”, says Tony Lindroos CEO Aurora.

Case: Neste

Our network partnership released resources

For a long time, the industrial network in the Kilpilahti area was owned by Neste, but the company sold it to Aurora Infrastructure Oy at the turn of 2014-2015. Besides Neste, the Kilpilahti closed distribution network is also used by other companies in the area. Outsourcing the network released resources for Neste’s core business. Network partnership with Aurora was a beneficial solution for Neste financially, operationally and from the perspective of developing the network.

Neste Energy Director Jussi Hintikka says:

“Developing the network in the Kilpilahti area requires investments and human resources. Outsourcing the network to Aurora has released these resources back to our core business. Now there is a specialized organization in charge of the electricity infrastructure development and distribution. In just a short period of time, Aurora has made multiple investments in modernizing the network and there is significant development work under way. For us, the greatest uncertainty factor in the outsourcing was the smooth development of cooperation and whether the development of the network would proceed logically from our perspective. Now, a bit over two years later, I can safely say that the collaboration works well at every level. Aurora is committed to developing the network, so our concerns have been proven unfounded.”

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