Aurora as a Partner

Aurora’s value to customer

At Aurora, we believe that responsibility for owning, maintaining and developing critical electricity networks is best left to a dedicated partner specialized in utilizing experiences and insights from different industries in order to cost-efficiently reach maximum network reliability needed for specific industrial sites. From the perspective of business owners, the question is whether it makes sense for a company to own and tie up capital in a non-core and non-productive asset when top-class niche expertise is available from a specialized partner that is also able to operate the asset more efficiently.

Partnering with Aurora enables the client to free substantial capital tied up in the network for more productive use in its core business. In addition, the investment debt related to many self-owned networks is growing and can cause risks to production processes in the future. Aurora’s model is long term and preventive by nature, and its asset management efficiency is several times higher than the industry average.

Aurora’s scope and responsibilities within the network is always defined based on customer needs.


Our staff has leading expertise to take the responsibility for operating, maintaining and developing the network and investments into it over the long term. Leveraging Aurora’s best practices from different industries enhances sustainability and the competitiveness of our customers.

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Customer needs

Characteristics of new builds (Greenfield):

  • We approach new builds from the customer’s production point of view. We participate together with our partners in designing a fit-for-purpose network solution, assist in the procurement of the network and efficient execution of works as well as its financing.
  • We design the optimal O&M organization for the time post commissioning.
  • We reduce operative and financial risk of the project and the customer can concentrate on what is relevant to its success and not arranging such a non-core but critical function.
Customer needs a priority

Existing industrial grids (Brownfield):

  • Often needs of customers and their availability requirements have evolved over time. These are to be accounted for in network development plans. Eg. networks built pre 1980s have reached the end of their expected technical lifetimes and will require attention and substantial economic resources.
  • Taking preventive measures proactively due to long delivery times of components is feasible.
  • Aurora invests into the network so that the customer can focus all its resources in its core business. Specialized know-how is required to cost-efficiently account for future network development needs.
Enhancing competitiveness

Operations & maintenance phase:

  • Organizing a preventive and cost-efficient O&M function
  • 24/7 monitoring and fault repair
  • Identifying customer needs on-site
  • Analysis and communication of the network impact of the customer’s development plans

We simply want to secure and strengthen our customers’ long-term competitiveness. Our transparent partnership lays ground for trust. Enhanced network availability is financially smart, but often also a climate action as eg. smaller network losses and higher factory utilization rates mean more is achieved with less emissions.

Security of supply

Aurora’s strengths

1. Aurora’s personnel has broad technical and financial expertise of electricity networks from different industries.

2. We are able to convert customer needs to cost effective network structure and operations.

3. We constantly develop our own processes to bring more value to our customers in terms of transparency of the network structure, investment plans and its operations.

4. We are independent from specific equipment manufacturers. In our view this is important when taking into account the ability to respond to customer needs in a cost effective way and guaranteeing the needed network availability, cyber security and process efficiency.

5. We bring in international infrastructure funding to support our customer’s operations at sites and ensure sufficient network development.

Customer testimonial

Neste – outsourcing electricity network releases resources

For a long time, the industrial network in the Kilpilahti area was owned by Neste, but the company sold it to Aurora Infrastructure Oy at the turn of 2014-2015. Besides Neste, the Kilpilahti closed distribution network is also used by other companies in the area. Outsourcing the network released resources for Neste’s core business. Outsourcing the electricity network was a beneficial solution for Neste financially, operationally and from the perspective of developing the network.

Neste Energy Director Jussi Hintikka says:

“Developing the network in the Kilpilahti area requires investments and human resources. Outsourcing the network to Aurora has released these resources back to our core business. Now there is a specialized organization in charge of the electricity infrastructure development and distribution. In just a short period of time, Aurora has made multiple investments in modernizing the network and there is significant development work under way. For us, the greatest uncertainty factor in the outsourcing was the smooth development of cooperation and whether the development of the network would proceed logically from our perspective. Now, a bit over two years later, I can safely say that the collaboration works well at every level. Aurora is committed to developing the network, so our concerns have been proven unfounded.”

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