My first 100 days – hitting the growth button

Time certainly runs fast when you have fun. My first 3 months have been filled with great and enthusiastic conversations with our customers, partners, shareholders and teams across all our sites.

And the message is clear. We´re on to something big and exciting.

We have started refining our strategy and are engaged in expansion discussions not only in Finland but across the Nordic countries. We see great opportunities in green steel production, renewables, offshore wind, green hydrogen, battery manufacturing and datacenters where new, large scale electrical grid installations are needed. Moreover, there is an acute need to modernize the existing industrial grids – majority of which have been built in the 1970s.

Thanks to the great team, dedicated individuals and good induction plan in I have been able to hit the ground running. have been impressed with the extra mile the Aurora team goes to meet and exceed customer expectations, every day.

The future does not wait – the time for action is now

In less than 10 years, we are likely to cross the 1.5°C threshold of global warming, causing irreversible damage to our planet. We need to cut emissions by over 7% annually to stay within the target. Best way to achieve these goals is the rapid deployment of renewable energy generation capacity. Local clean and low-cost electricity mitigates climate change as well as improve energy security.

Electrification of the world accelerates rapidly as we move from fossil to renewable energy sources, which requires massive investments into electrical grid and distribution networks. Aurora Infrastructure operates in the heart of this green transition. We focus on financing, building, operating and maintaining industrial electricity networks – all critical elements to the green transition.

Proven results with leading industrial customers

Today over 13% of Finnish industrial electricity consumption is distributed through Aurora’s network assets. We are well positioned to expand the customer base both in Finland and the Nordic countries and are ready to do our best to speed up the investments needed for the green transition. We have a great track record where we can prove the results – and show that we have constantly been able to improve the reliability of the electricity distribution and availability year by year for our customers.

Currently leading businesses such as Neste, Borealis, Linde, Veolia, Outokumpu and Nokia have chosen us to be their trusted partner for their industrial electricity networks. We are dedicated to growing and helping them in achieving their green transition goals in the best possible way.

Growth ahead

There are significant new projects in the pipeline in all Nordic counties. In Sweden alone the new projects in the pipeline will require for more than 70 TWh of new electricity distribution capacity by end of 2030, and in Finland the corresponding number is over 40 TWh.

In addition to national grid investments there is a need for substantial industrial grid investments at site level, and that is where Aurora Infrastructure will play a significant role, helping to invest, build, operate and maintain these industrial installations. Our owner Equitix is a leading sustainable infrastructure investor with a long-term investment horizon. Together we are securing substantial capacity from both shareholders and financial institutions to meet the increasing investment need in the market.

I am looking forward to working with all of you in the coming years to accelerate the green transition in the Nordics and helping to reduce the carbon footprint of our industries. Let´s do this together – we have big and exiting things ahead of us.


Robin Lindahl
CEO, Aurora

Robin Lindahl


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