Local community support and fells are important to us

In 2020, Tornio staff chose to support the following two non-profit organizations: Arjen Tuki ry and the Lapland rescue helicopter Aslak. Since the need for aid was evident in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we accelerated this year’s decision making.

Arjen Tuki ry

The purpose of the association is to assist low-income families with children, students, the unemployed and retirees in the Meri-Lappi area. Aurora staff in Tornio have also supported the association by making personal contributions.

Rescue helicopter Aslak

Aurora also supports the private funded rescue helicopter Aslak, which provides rescue helicopter services to Lapland residents and tourists visiting Lapland. Aslak’s actions are best crystallized in their slogan and logo;

A Northern winter landscape with bright aurora borealis over the fells and dark shadows on the snow. A glimmer of hope has ignited the sky, help is coming. You can also see the helicopter’s rotor blades in the mountain line.


Pentti Alatalo
Site Manager, Tornio

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