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Aurora support for pupils ending their Spring semester and local families in Porvoo

At Aurora, we annually support local community non-profits which the personnel from each site may choose.

In 2020, it is evident support is needed urgently in the midst of the pandemic so we wanted to be out on time providing a helping hand. CEO Tony Lindroos presented Espoo office initiatives in our blog post of 14.5.2020. Next, we are going to present which non-profits Kilpilahti personnel selected.

This year the choice was easy. We all agreed on supporting children, youth and low-income families in some way. After discussions with the Porvoo Social Services Department, we decided to support Alva-Talo and to provide food aid in the form of gift cards to low-income families.


The Alva-talo is named after Alva Forsius, a midwife from Porvoo, defender of families with children. Forsius founded a maternity hospital in Porvoo in 1899.

Alva-Talo is a youth home and provides family rehabilitation services for families in Porvoo. At the house, young people are provided with a safe and homely growth environment – common rules as well as home cooked meals, curfews and bedtimes. There, young people in difficult life situations gets support and learn to do everyday chores together

The family rehabilitation service help families in challenging life situations. If the parent’s ability to take care of their child’s needs are affected, the family can temporarily live in the Alva-Talo.

Food aid

In addition to supporting the Alva-Talo, Aurora Kilpilahti donated 35 S-chain gift cards to be distributed by the Porvoo Social Welfare Office to low-income families with children and single parents.

“I am especially proud when my employer supports the daily lives of families with children. When I, in my youth, worked at a store checkout, I heard many heartbreaking stories. You never know if you, yourself get in a situation where you haven’t even got the money to buy food. This was also an easy choise. Each Christmas my family donates a part of our Christmas gift budget to a few non-profit organization’s food aid.


As per tradition, Aurora also distributed scholarships to Porvoo’s High schools Linnakosken Lukio and Borgå gymnasium, as well as to the vocational school yrkesinstitutet Prakticum. With the scholarships, Aurora wants to encourage young people to study science (math, physics, chemistry) and electrical engineering.

Petra Kraufvelin-Bergman
Executive Assistant & Sourcing, Kilpilahti

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