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Support is needed widely in the midst of the pandemic – let’s not forget the local grass roots level!

At Aurora we annually support local community non-profits that our personnel may choose. In 2020 we increased our support so that each local office had the same amount to distribute. We decided to speed up our giving, as it is evident support is needed in the midst of COVID-19. We also want to give some visibility to the non-profits that we supported. Hoping it were to motivate or encourage also others to join us. Our selections is presented  in more detail on our Finnish website. First up is Espoo.

At the Espoo office we chose three initiatives from the candidates set forth by our personnel. All three initiatives relate to the well-being of youth, youth exercise and a culture of care and co-operation in the Espoo area. We felt that it is important to look into the future and take care of our youth. They will eventually be picking up the bill resulting from this pandemic.

The selections were:

Pelastakaa Lapset Espoo Ry – food, study and hobby support for local low-income families

FC Espoo Ry – Ensuring 3500 children and 500 volunteers may return to their football hobbies as quickly as possible once restrictions ease

Hope Ry – Supporting local low-income families both financially as well as through second hand clothes, equipment, etc.

For more information, please contact:

Tony Lindroos
CEO, Aurora
+358 40 658 7474


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