Exeptional Circumstances requires flexibility

Exceptional circumstances require flexibility

The COVID-19 pandemic and related governmental restrictive measures which e.g. led to Neste postponing its Kilpilahti refinery major turnaround 2020 (held every 5 years and employing some 6000 people), are drastic measures requiring co-operation and flexibility both on a national level and between corporations.

For Aurora, flexibility and safe operations is business as usual. Our customers demand reliability of the electricity network in all situations – including changing ones. Therefore, Aurora flexibly adapts its maintenance work and network development that cannot be performed during normal operations, to its customers’ turnaround schedules. For example, in 2019, Aurora Kilpilahti has performed preventive maintenance on more than 200 medium and low voltage circuit breakers during normal operation of refinery without any impact to the customer’s production processes.

The postponement of Neste’s Kilpilahti major turnaround means that Aurora’s planned turnaround dependent replacement investment commissioning works and scheduled testing services will also be postponed. The planning and scheduling of Aurora’s turnaround dependent works began already in 2018 and has been planned in close co-operation with the customer, taking into consideration possible alternative couplings and necessary service outages. The plans will be revised as soon as a new date for the turnaround is set. Such circumstances require flexibility, co-operation and reliability, which all are part of Aurora’s daily core values.

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