Happy New Year

New year’s excitement in the air

As the year 2019 is coming to its end, now is a good time to recap what has happened and have a look into the new year.

With this year’s investments we have again managed to increase the reliability of our electricity networks for many years to come. We continue as one of the most reliable electricity distribution companies in Finland, with 99,9999% availability. A big thanks for this shall be directed to our dedicated personnel.

In Kilpilahti the multi-year ring network development project is almost fully finalized. All 110kV stations are now fed from at least two directions and the three incoming feeders from the national grid are connected to three different substations ensuring reliable distribution also in abnormal situations. This year we have also commissioned the largest modular substation in Finland.

In Tornio large investments in 2019 included switchgear renewals and switchgear automation modernizations. In addition, the active compensation capacity was increased in Tornio to meet the more stringent requirements set by the national grid operator.

All in all Aurora investments in 2019 totaled approximately 33 million euro.

This past year we have also continued to develop our cyber security and active system monitoring. Our website has undergone a face lift as well. New content is amongst others a blog in which we publish interesting stories about our projects and our everyday work.

Year 2020

The year 2020 will be an interesting and challenging year for us. In Tornio and in Kilpilahti we have many large investment projects in the pipeline awaiting final decisions.

The service turnaround of Neste in 2020, which is organized only once every five years, will be the first during Aurora history in which our own works and their planning as well as coordination will be performed from start to finish as a fully independent company. The turnaround will include much network related works, testing, commissioning and coordination of these works with the customer to ensure their timely execution – many of the works that will be performed are such that cannot be performed during other times without interference to the customer’s operations.

In 2020 we will also continue to develop our internal processes to meet our own and our stakeholder’s information requirements ensuring high quality operations and further enhancing our competitiveness. In everything we do we want to maintain a high level of efficiency and required flexibility whilst working in close cooperation with our customers.

I want to thank Aurora personnel, customers and our partners for the year 2019 and wish you all a happy and successful new year!


Tony Lindroos, CEO

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