Versatile work and friendly co-workers – Greetings from our summer intern

Despite the Corona pandemic, it was decided that Aurora Kilpilahti would employ its very first operations and maintenance summer intern. Work assignments were planned and listed very early on during the Spring. Orientation and work itself was conducted in pairs following special instructions and arrangements.


Juha-Pekka “J-P” Nurminen started as a summer trainee at Aurora on the first day of June. After orientation, the electricity and automation engineering student from Mikkeli was immediately put to work. J-P had previously worked in the Kilpilahti area as a maintenance mechanic and possessed a bachelor’s degree in automation technology.

A friend told me about the job opening when I was looking for a possible internship. I knew of Aurora since I have been working in the Kilpilahti area before.  Because I want to work in industry-related jobs after graduation  I decided to apply. Aurora was also an interesting option.

Work at Aurora has consisted of diverse electrical maintenance work. I have assisted in performing couplings, inspections and measurements. The best thing about my summer job has been the nice co-workers, a good atmosphere and the variety of tasks.

During the summer, I learned a lot of new terms and vocabulary related to electricity distribution, to carry out inspections, to run emergency power generators, some coupling principles and a lot more that you do not learn in school.

Working at Aurora has been interesting and educational. The instructions were clear and the orientation thorough, help was always available if something was unclear. As a tip for future summer job seekers, I would advise to be proactive, punctual and out on time.

Overall experience

“Taking into consideration all the challenges with the pandemic this summer, we were very pleased with our summer trainee”, says Mika Halonen, Juha-Pekka’s supervisor. “We want to thank Juha-Pekka for his contribution and his willingness to learn”.


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