Aurora is committed to enhancing safety in the local community

In Tornio, Aurora has provided traffic safety workbooks to local first-grade students aiming to influence the sad traffic statistics in which small children are involved. The learning material is produced by traffic education teachers and traffic professionals and has been in use since 1996 nationwide.

This year Aurora distributed about 70 books to 4 schools in the region. The 130 page long personal workbook will be used during primary school years, teaching children traffic signs and rules in a fun and educational way. The workbook also contains room for homework allowing for traffic safety to be studied at home as well.

“We have been involved in the traffic safety project for many years” says Pentti Alatalo, Head of O&M in Tornio. The process of traffic education should already start at an early age, creating a base for good traffic awareness and behavior in the future, Pentti continues.

Aurora also supports the private funded rescue helicopter Aslak which provides rescue helicopter services to Lapland residents and tourists visiting Lapland.

“Aslak is an excellent charity for anyone who may need helicopter assistance. I also support it through my local hunting club”, says Pentti. “Safety first – “gets us home today and everyday”

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