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Aurora signs electrification partnership agreement with Nokia at its Oulu smart campus

The innovative energy solution that is being built will serve the electricity, heating and cooling needs of Nokia’s new Oulu campus. The campus will host R&D, office and manufacturing facilities. The multi-optimized energy solution contributes to Nokia’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint by over 50% by 2030 across its value chain. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has granted Nokia an RRF-investment grant totaling 12 million euros as part of the funding for the energy solution.

In terms of electrification of the smart campus, the objective is to enable high security of electricity supply on a long-term basis. Security of supply has been a key driver in setting up the partnership concept and in its development, the parties have utilized Aurora’s know-how as the industry’s trusted electrification partner.

Aurora’s service scope will include the construction, operations and maintenance of the connections to external networks and the on-site electricity system. The system consists also of a significant amount of back-up capacity, vehicle to grid EV charging and planned hydrogen gensets.

Tony Lindroos, Aurora’s CEO; “Aurora wants to be the industry’s trusted green transition electricity network partner, enabling its customers to focus on their core business. We are excited about our cooperation with Nokia. Trust in Aurora’s capabilities has been consistently built up over many years of high quality day-to-day operations by our competent personnel. Our concept can also be tailored to similar new sites outside of traditional industrial plants. We know that our work is only beginning and are ready to earn the trust of customers each and every day”.

Jarkko Pyykkönen, Head of Nokia’s campus in Oulu;

“We are delighted to cooperate with Aurora in building the new, innovative energy center. As we’ve said before, at Nokia’s new smart campus in Oulu, high tech meets the principles of sustainable development. For us, the new energy center plays an important role in ensuring clean energy solutions.”


credit: Arkkitehtitoimisto ALA

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