the Baltic Sea Action Group

The Baltic Sea Action Group

At Aurora we annually support local community non-profits that our personnel may choose. In 2021 we took a special environmental focus to our support initiatives and the personnel at our Espoo office decided to channel its support to the Baltic Sea Action Group.

“We believe that regenerative agriculture can play a big part of the solution when talking about reversing or stopping climate change as well increasing biodiversity on a global scale. What is best about it, is that there is much scientific evidence about the positive effects and everyone can start its promotion in their backyard or local parks”.

If you care about the future of the Baltic Sea and domestic food production, as we do at Aurora, the Carbon Action initiative of the Baltic Sea Action Group is certainly one to consider. It also combines two concepts that we value highly: concrete and knowledge based actions,”

Please visit the The Baltic Sea Action Group for more information or

CEO Tony Lindroos, on behalf of the personnel at our Espoo office

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