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Aurora Occupational Safety Review 2020

One of Aurora’s most significant goals is continuous improvement without compromising safety and security of supply. We ensure the safe and effective operation of our customers by being a trusted and reliable electricity network partner.

Good work safety requires careful planning and preparation in addition to small daily actions and a committed, skilled personnel.

During 2020, Aurora had zero safety incidents leading to absence. Among our contractors one accident resulting in absence occurred.

The introduction of a new Occupational and Environmental Safety Management “HSE” System

HSE reporting and development was upgraded at Aurora during 2020, as a new Occupational and Environmental Safety management system was implemented.

The need for development had been identified in connection with the collection of safety reports from previous years as well as based on personnel proposals submitted to Aurora’s internal Occupational Safety and Health Committee. Aurora wanted to improve the overall safety dashboard view, facilitate the collection of high quality safety observations and enable smooth follow-up of findings. The goal for 2020 was to acquire, trial, and implement the new system.

The aim of the project team was to find an easy and user-friendly system where the definition of responsibilities is clear and where the follow-up of possible measures, including reminders, can be easily monitored.

In May 2020, the project began by comparing different HSE systems. The selection was made in August, followed by a more comprehensive training for the system administrators.

Following user training at the beginning of November, the system was commissioned. At the end of 2020, already 46 safety observations (of which 0 accidents) had been recorded.

Quentic turvahavainnot 2020

After a few months of use, we can say that the acquisition and implementation of the system has been successful.

The system is versatile and allows third parties to log security observations directly via a mobile application, which in turn promotes safety behavior and transparency.

The system serves Aurora’s needs well. Aurora has applied the system to other safety practices too, such as sending initial notice of electrical disturbances to customers and for disturbance investigations. One can also use it to fill in the gas concentration measurement form in the mobile application.

Mika Halonen, Group Safety

Petra Kraufvelin-Bergman, Procurement Coordinator

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