Merry Christmas

Christmas greetings

Christmas is a good time to slow down and take a breath. During Christmas time I personally value quality time with family and relatives, relaxing and enjoying nature. I hope it will be possible to do, also this year in a corona safe way. By slowing down there is time to reflect, which is essential from time to time.

In this post, I will look back at Aurora’s past year and journey to this point.

A few highlights from 2021

Aurora was, for the first time, independently responsible for electricity network operations during Neste’s Kilpilahti maintenance turnaround. It was a big effort that we managed successfully.

At Outokumpu’s Tornio mill, the largest single investment project in Aurora’s history, a new switchgear and control room building are under construction and progressing according to plan.

The results from our employee satisfaction and well-being survey provided excellent results again and we are happy for the great recruitments made during the year. At Aurora, work is considered important and inspiring, people get support from colleagues, and developing work practices in encouraged.

I believe this all is visible also to our customers. Excellent network availability and safe operations year after year is a concrete proof of this and was achieved also in 2021.
In addition to all the above, many other local network developments and improvements were implemented to secure the operations of our customers.

Aurora’s journey began in 2014 and continues accelerating

Over the years, the expansion of Aurora’s operations has required an enormous amount of energy, commitment, and continuous development. We started with a team of six people, which has turned to current strength of about 26 people. As a result of determined work, Aurora has also built an extensive network of suppliers who are familiar with our operations. In addition to ensuring critical know-how, electricity grid operations also require well-functioning systems and support processes – these, including financing, were set up almost from scratch.

Along the way there has also been a need to compromise – sometimes there hasn’t been enough time to develop everything at once. Sometimes systems and technology readiness has not been sufficient for us at that given moment. Also, sometimes Aurora’s concept has required iteration to find its shape.

Employees, partners, and customers have all played vital role in our journey. In the big picture, I dare to say, our journey thus far has been a success – together it has been possible!

We are well positioned to be heading towards the green transition, which is a massive global initiative and will require a huge amount of expertise and capital to succeed. The industrial sector and renewable electricity will play a significant role. Aurora’s share of the electricity consumed by the Finnish industry today is more than 10%, which means that Aurora will also play a significant and growing role in the transition.

Concluding this post in the present time, I would like to wish our employees, customers and partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Next year our journey will continue at an accelerating pace – before that is a good time to relax!

Tony Lindroos, CEO, Aurora

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