Tornion uudet toimitilat

Aurora Tornio moves to new premises

In the spring of -21, Aurora finally received positive news about the construction of its new premises.

The premises consists of e.g. the following functions, control room, social facilities, a sauna equipped washroom, a small workshop and a warehouse, a few offices, a conference room and a document archive. The facilities were built on-time and even ahead of schedule as a turn-key delivery by TSV from Tornio. One can only be satisfied with the end result. The new premises are located inside the gates of Outokumpu’s Tornio plant.

“We had been planning our possible new premises for years in order to get our entire staff under one roof instead of the former decentralized and impractical arrangement. Ideas have been bubbling in our heads since the early days of Aurora. The notion of our new premises even popped up in our dreams. We often woke up to the cold reality, just to return to our old premises before the construction decision last spring” says Site Manager Pentti Alatalo about the long wait.

Aurora has gradually been able to move into its new premises, but there are still some organizing and final touches to be made. However, the control room is in operation as well as the IT network with its equipment.

“A Housewarming party has not yet been held because of Covid, nevertheless we have had small cheerful gatherings around a cup of coffee,” concludes Alatalo.

Vili Kuure, Janne Oinas ja Ilpo Hytinkoski
Vili Kuure, Janne Oinas ja Ilpo Hytinkoski enjoying their new break room
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