All 2021 non-profit support initiatives now selected

At Aurora we annually support local community non-profits that our personnel may choose. Earlier this year the Espoo staff decided to support the Baltic Sea Action Group and the Kilpilahti staff the Take Care of the Young Mind 2021-Campaign.

In 2021, Tornio staff chose to support the following three non-profit organizations: the Lapland rescue helicopter Aslak, Save the Children , and The Cancer Society of Northern Finland.

Rescue helicopter Aslak

Since the 1960s Helicopters have regularly been used in rescue operations, especially in Lapland. The Lapland Rescue Helicopter Support Association launched its rescue helicopter operation, in its current form, in 1998. Its operations have been developed to meet the needs of Lapland’s people, the Lapland industry and tourists.

The Lapland Rescue Helicopter Support Association has agreed with the Lapland Rescue Department to take part in rescue operations as of 1 January 2013. Aslak is a Lappic rescue unit.

The aim of the Lapland Rescue Helicopter Support Association is to ensure the availability of rescue helicopter services and ancillary services for the residents of Lapland and approximately 1,800,000 tourists visiting Lapland every year.

Aslak provide rescue helicopter service, performing rescue, evacuation, search and shutdown missions. The service is constantly developed with social responsibility in mind.

Save the Children

Save the Children is the world’s largest politically and religiously non-aligned child rights organization. We respond to the plight of children where the need for help is greatest. We help children left behind in warzones, malnourished children, child workers and victims of violence. We work in Finland and around the world so that every child has access to safety, health, nutrition and education.

Corona has increased children’s inequality in Finland. More and more children are at risk of exclusion and being left out of society.

The situation has particularly affected children from low-income families, who number more than 120,000 in Finland. Children from low-income families have fewer opportunities to engage in activities and studies. They experience anxiety, inferiority, bullying, and stress more often than other children.

The Cancer Society of Northern Finland

The Cancer Society of Northern Finland is a health organization whose mission is to prevent cancer and to support and rehabilitate cancer patients and their family in the area. The organization also supports cancer research in northern Finland.

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