Mike Järvinen - Development Manager

My workday during turnaround, Part 3 – Development Manager Mike Järvinen

My role is to prepare my projects for the major maintenance turnaround. To ensure that all works that require maintenance shutdown will be completed. In addition, my role is to plan the maintenance works including making re-coupling plans. More than twenty re-coupling plans had to be made.

Each morning my workday begins by preparing for the day’s maintenance shutdown. The plans are reviewed together in a morning meeting with the client (6:10 a.m.). After the meeting, granting work permits begins, which will last for about an hour. Then the day continues with preparing and executing the maintenance shutdown. We are usually finished by lunch. After lunch, follow-up reports are made and next day is planned. In the afternoon, site inspections and possible commissioning tests will begin. When the tests are finally done, it is time to go home. (Typically, between 18-20) At home, I quickly prepare for bed, so I am ready to return to work the next morning (5:30).

We have a work coordination meeting with our largest client every morning, where matters are agreed upon in good co-operation. Separate work coordination meetings have been held with other clients when needed. By this active approach, efficiency, safety, and quality have been ensured as well as the success of the major turnaround for Aurora’s part.

During the major turnaround we all have our own responsibilities. Resources in a small company are limited. By proactive arrangements everything has been done in good spirit – often by extending the work day. A particular challenge has been the longer than expected maintenance shut down needs required by projects. It is a constant battle when temporary outages have to be made with a tight schedule.

Full stomach, happy heart

The catering provided by Aurora is very well planned and implemented. It has allowed us to focus on our work! Varied and tasty lunches and snacks have been delivered to Aurora’s premises and therefore we have not had the need to go elsewhere to eat or have coffee during this time. This arrangement has also reduced risk of corona infections and possible corona exposures.

I think Aurora has prepared and also followed the corona guidelines in the best possible way. For example, the work permit handlers were divided into 4 different stations.

For the rest of the turnaround, I expect it to calm down a bit before the refinery ramp-up from the maintenance shut down.

Mike Järvinen, Development manager.

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