Kilpilahden kunnossapitotiimi

My workday during turnaround, Part 4 – Maintenance team

Aurora’s turnaround related maintenance works have been done and several months of preparation and work have been completed.

Aurora Kilpilahti’s maintenance team, Antti-Pekka Otollinen, Markus Mettovaara, Gjejhun” Zeikka” Opoja and Niklas Rasi have done great job. Since the beginning of the year, the maintenance team has been planning outages and their implementation during the major turnaround, either for projects or for maintenance work. In addition, the maintenance team has prepared wiring plans for the testing of Automatic Supply Switching (ASV) and Arc Protection (VKS) as well as transformer protection. In addition to all this, the team has updated data in the maintenance system (generation of work orders and making purchase proposals) and handled small fault repairs, as well as prepared circuit breaker maintenance works.

In total, we performed maintenance on 13 110kV circuit breakers and 43 110kV isolators. 400 ultrasonic measurements were performed. 70 medium voltage circuit breakers and about 59 low voltage circuit breakers were serviced.

Humour has flourished, although the workdays have been long at times. Despite minor unexpected challenges, the project and maintenance work has been taken care of for example by reorganizing responsibilities.

“In our team safety is without exceptions, a priority despite the major turnaround” -Zeikka

Every morning work specific meetings were held with the client, where the daily schedules and the coordination of work were reviewed. This ensured having efficiency, safety, quality and punctuality at a good level during the maintenance shutdown.

The biggest success was that Auroras personnel had 0 accidents and 0 corona infections.


Antti-Pekka Otollinen, Kunnossapitoteknikko

Markus Mettovaara, Kunnossapitoteknikko

Niklas Rasi, Kytkinlaitosasentaja

Gjejhun Opoja, Kytkinlaitosasentaja

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