M163 Construction site

Construction of a new substation, safety first

Aurora is carrying out an investment program to upgrade electricity distribution in the Kilpilahti industrial area. A significant part of the investment program is the new substation M163, which Rejlers Finland Oy will build for Aurora.

Safety played a significant role already during the tendering phase. As part of the tender, we prepared a site plan, which describes e.g., construction site management, installation supervision, orientations, safety walks, site fencing and access control, as well as other site safety and environmental practices.

In the beginning of the project, a work site HSE plan was made. The HSE plan for Aurora was prepared in accordance with the European Council Directive on general rules for health and safety at work, Directive 92/57 / EEC Temporary or Mobile Construction Sites and the National Land Use and Construction Act (5.2.1999 / 132). All Rejlers subcontractors also prepared their own HSE plans before works began.

A precondition for all works is to perform the last-minute risk assessment “Think Twice”. As part of this process the subcontractors must go through the work permit (incl. identified risks, work method, tools and phasing) with their workers on site. The assessment must be performed in a way that is verifiable and measurable.

At the start of the project, we also had to consider how to manage the Covid-19 situation in order to stay on schedule and avoid infections. So far, we have managed to keep the construction site up and running normally.

There is a lot of on-site co-operation with neighbouring companies, as the work site is widespread. Regarding safety matters, we work closely with Aurora and Neste e.g., by holding TRA events where we review potential risks and minimize them together.

A weekly safety walk is held on the construction site. Rejler’s construction site manager, electrical installation supervisor, HSEQ supervisor and representatives from Aurora and other contractors attend the meeting.

Safety findings were initially reported in Rejlers’ systems, but we are currently switching to an application used by Aurora. The application allows us to register anomaly reports, safety observations, TRIF reporting and gas concentration measurements.

Mirka Halme, Rejlers Finland Oy, HSEQ manager

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