My workday during turnaround, Part 1 – Procurement

Aurora’s customer, Neste, ensures the safe and reliable operation of the Porvoo refinery by performing a major turnaround every 5 years.

Aurora Kilpilahti will carry out a significant amount of network investments and maintenance work during Neste’s major turnaround this spring (TA2021). The planning of Aurora’s turnaround dependent works began already in 2018 and has been planned in close co-operation with the customer, taking into consideration possible alternative couplings and necessary service outages. Good cooperation with Aurora’s service providers and suppliers is also a prerequisite for the success of Aurora’s investment and maintenance work.

From a procurement perspective, preparations for the turnaround have started well in advance to ensure the availability of resources and materials. Service providers have been lined up, maintenance work during TA2021 has been ordered, and equipment orders and purchases have been made.

The Procurement Coordinator is on site in Kilpilahti throughout the major turnaround preparing access card applications, taking care of corona virus guidance tasks and notifications in accordance with Neste TA2021 directives. This work has also been prepared before the turnaround. In addition, the Procurement Coordinator places additional orders as needed and, last but not least, caters for Aurora employees during the turnaround.

My workday


Procurement orders have been made well in advance and in cooperation with Aurora’s long-term and reliable partners.

Aurora Kilpilahti staff has been well taken care of. A warm lunch, and good snacks keep the mind sharp.

Corona virus preparedness has been taken very seriously and we obviously hope that corona virus infections will be avoided. Aurora’s personnel have acted in an exemplary manner in accordance with Neste’s and Aurora’s corona virus guidance, taking care of e.g., hand hygiene, using face masks and visors if safety distances cannot be maintained. In addition, Aurora’s staff are divided into groups and all staff dine separately to reduce unnecessary contacts.

Due to corona virus restrictions, the procurement manager works remotely from home, and the procurement coordinator’s working days are spent safely in the office. The hustle and bustle of about 6,000 turnaround workers are hardly noticed, except when standing in line to the corona virus testing facilities.

Petra Kraufvelin-Bergman, Procurement Coordinator
Riitta Juutilainen, Procurement Manager

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