Support the Finnish Maritime Rescue Association

Aurora Kilpilahti donates defibrillators

Aurora Kilpilahti personnel unanimously decided to support the Finnish Maritime Rescue Association with a donation. “We want to be involved in projects promoting safety,” tells O&M Manager Mika Halonen. “The Voluntary maritime rescue is a significant part of the nationwide civil rescue service. The Association promotes overall maritime safety”.

A defibrillator is an essential first aid equipment in any search and rescue vessel. Early defibrillation plays a key role in rescuing a patient who has a cardiac arrest. “Electricity is at the heart of Aurora’s business, so we think it would be good to donate funds for defibrillators,” Mika continues. “We are aware that not all of the Maritime Association’s rescue vessels have one yet.”

In 2018, volunteer lifeguards from the Maritime Rescue Association saved 46 lives. In total 1948 rescue missions were registered, and 3776 mariners got assistance.

A part of Aurora Kilpilahti’s charity donations have for years been given as scholarships to local high schools. “We want to encourage high school students to study sciences” says Jyrki Havukainen, Site Manager at Kilpilahti.  “We decided to give scholarships to high school graduates in Porvoo for good success in math and science or alternatively to a graduate who has shown particular interest in the subject”

For more information please visit the Finnish Maritime Rescue Association’s web pages (only in Finnish).

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